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Neturei arta international policy statement on the middle eastern crisis

New York, (August 22, 2001)   

Neturei Karta International stands together with all men of good will around the world in viewing the past century of events in the Middle East with horror and dismay.

Popular mythology would have it that what we are witnessing is a conflict between two worlds, the Jewish and the Islamic. This is a blatant lie, as we will soon explain.

The results of this conflict in terms of human suffering are extraordinary. Innocents, young boys, women, and children are daily added to the toll of the dead and maimed. We all wish that with one prayer, one cry to God, all the agony would end and the past pain be erased. Alas, matters are not quite that simple. God did not so will it.

After centuries in which nations ruled over others, often brutally, we have arrived in the twenty-first century with a general consensus that all peoples deserve self-determination and autonomy in their own lands. This is in keeping with the Creator’s vision for the world; a world of diversity and, ideally, of harmony.

In the case of the Holy Land, international Zionism has actively attempted to displace the Palestinian people or, at the very least, deprive them of the basic human right of autonomous nationhood. In order to maintain this unnatural and immoral state of affairs, the Zionist state has engaged in a host of vile activities.

Of course, all actions produce reactions. The inhuman nature of the conflict has brought about a situation where methods have been employed that step way beyond the morally acceptable. However, we must always keep in mind that the root of the problem is the one hundred years of Zionism’s refusal to recognize the existence of the land’s indigenous population.

As Orthodox Jews, we believe the Holy Land to be a sacred place. Throughout the centuries, while the main body of the Jewish people peacefully lived in the diaspora, a remnant community of pious Jews lived in Jerusalem, Safed, and a few other cities, primarily devoting themselves to sacred study and prayer. This remnant lived at peace with its Arabic neighbors.

Traditional Jews never desired political sovereignty over the Holy Land. They held true to their faith which prohibited it to them. It was only in the twentieth century that wave upon wave of non-religious Jewish immigrants descended upon the land. They were intent upon securing political power and dominance. It was only at that point that the Palestinian population reacted negatively.

Believing Jews envision a Messianic era, of universal peace, brotherhood, and service of God which will involve all mankind and be centered in Jerusalem. But this is for the future. At present, in terms of the simple ethics of the situation, political sovereignty belongs to those who have lived there for centuries, namely, the Palestinians.

There is no war between Jewry and the Arab/Islamic world. It is a Zionist-created myth, caused and perpetuated by the Israeli state.

It is time that we all realize that far too many people have died. The path to peace lies in a return by the self-appointed leaders of world Jewry to the basics of their own faith, including its time-honored tradition of non-aggression towards any people.

Our task as Jews is to serve God in piety and humility, not to wage brutal wars against other nations. May God grant that the day come when the Zionist state is speedily and peacefully dismantled and no more lives need be lost.