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Neturei Karta has a solution to the middle-east problem

The solution to the middle east problem: the full dissolution of the "state of Israel" A Proposal by Neturei Karta International

The Root of the Problem 

The Palestinians want back the land stolen from them by the “State of Israel” in 1948, but this “State of Israel” will never return it to them, having “received” it from the United Nations! The creation of a “State of Israel” at the expense of the Palestinians living there was a wrong decision, a historic injustice that is unacceptable today to increasing numbers of people.

This “State of Israel” must be dissolved quickly and peacefully. The danger emanating from that region can no longer be tolerated.

Neturei Karta International is proposing the following schedule:

Step 1: Dissolution

The “State of Israel” will be dissolved through UN resolution. The UN decision of November 1947, calling for the partitioning of Palestine and the establishment of the “State of Israel,” will be recognized as a mistake and reversed.

Step 2: Transfer of Power

The Palestinian people will take full sovereignty over the whole country, including the territory of today’s “State of Israel.” The transfer will take place in the following manner: The UN will take power in the country after the dissolution of the “State of Israel,” and will enter into negotiations with a provisional Palestinian government, transferring the territory to them. After the takeover, a permanent government will be formed under the declaration of a new Palestinian state.

Step 3: Population Policy

If the Palestinian government agrees, the Jews already living there will be allowed to remain with the status of immigrants under Palestinian sovereignty in the country. Upon request, they may obtain full Palestinian citizenship and equality if that citizenship and equality are granted by the Palestinian authorities. The UN and the nations will prepare laws that would regulate such matters. The procedure and the execution of the whole plan should be as equitable, humane, and painless as possible. A sufficiently long time should be provided for the execution of the plan.

Step 4: Living Together

The submitters of this proposal hope to overcome, by the adoption and implementation of this plan, the pent-up hatred and desire for revenge, which unfortunately seem to be the only things Jews and Arabs have in common under the current reality. We hope to see all people living together again in excellent agreement and mutual respect, as in all the years before the Zionist disaster.

This proposal may seem utopian, but it is the only real and serious possibility for a peaceful solution to this otherwise intractable problem.

Let us consider five advantages, which will be effective immediately after the implementation of this plan:

  1. The threat to world peace will be substantially defused. Middle East war, Intifada, Qassam rockets, Gaza War, Lebanon War, Suez War, Six-Day War, and more will be things of the past. Israel’s nuclear threat as well as Iran’s “Israel-destruction threat” will be meaningless. Large parts of the global anti-terrorism campaign will be unnecessary since terrorism is largely caused and motivated by the existence of the “State of Israel.”
  2. The oppression of the Palestinian people by the “State of Israel” will be over. Their livelihood and human dignity will be restored to them. The prison that is Gaza will be opened. The Palestinians in the Middle East will once again be able to breathe freely.
  3. Anti-Semitism will decline sharply. Its current main cause, the impudent and arrogant behavior of the Zionist state against people and nations, as well as its atrocities against its “Arab subjects,” will come to an end due to the dissolution of the Zionist state. Threats of rising anti-Semitism around the world will occur less and less.
  4. The astronomical sums which the U.S. and other countries shell out annually for the support and arming of the “State of Israel” can be used from now on for the execution of this scheduled peace process.
  5. The U.S. and other countries will be freed from the grips of the “Zionist lobby.” They will again be free to make their own decisions without the consent and constraints of this powerful lobby.

A Short Explanation of the True Jewish, Unadulerated Torah Position:

The land of Israel belongs to the Palestinians who have been living there for centuries. The Jews were sent into exile by God two thousand years ago, and they must remain in exile until they are redeemed by God. The Zionist idea of a premature termination of exile by human power, through politics, robbery, and intrigue, has always been opposed and rejected vehemently by Torah-true Judaism.

The Holocaust and the Founding of the State

After the great destruction of the Jews in Europe, when the Jews were uprooted and bleeding, they finally followed the Zionists into the “promised land.” Practically, after the terrible Holocaust, they had no other choice. The UN in 1947 “gave” part of Palestine to the Zionists as a new home for the Jewish people, a laudable idea. However, it was accomplished at the expense of the Palestinians living there. The Zionists expelled them from their homes and settled Israelis in their place. Thus the UN’s decision was a historic injustice.

The Turning Point

The world has begun to see that the Zionist “redemption” has evaporated. The historic injustice of 1948 must be corrected, and the Zionistic “Jewish state” must be completely dissolved. The whole entity known as the “State of Israel” has not the slightest to do with Judaism. Zionism is not Judaism, and Judaism is not Zionism. The two concepts stand in stark contradiction to each other. The Zionists are in no way entitled to represent the Jewish people! No one has ever given them this role; they have taken it on by themselves.

The People of Israel

The people of Israel have been, since time immemorial, the people of God and nothing else. It is not “a people like all peoples,” whose existence is defined by political power and borders. It received from God on Mount Sinai laws and goals in life, which it has always followed faithfully. That is until about 100 years ago when the great catastrophe of the Zionist movement arose with the aim of “let us be a nation like all nations!” Let us have nothing in common with God, nothing to do with Sinai, they said. With strength, together, we will solve our problems ourselves. Let us have one country, one government, one army, one language, and everything a nation needs here! And unfortunately, the Zionist movement was successful.

But it is God who will never accept the “Zionist redemption.” He will force His people to return to the interrupted exile and wait for the real, divine redemption.

This is perhaps our one last chance to do this on our own, because if we do not do it ourselves, God Himself will do it. There is no way around God’s plan. Therefore, we must have the insight to implement this solution by dissolving Zionism and the “State of Israel.”

The world, especially the UN, the U.S., and the EU, has a duty, for it is they who have the power to carry out the above-proposed solution. The advantages of this plan, identified above, certainly justify their taking it into consideration.

Neturei-Karta International
August 2010/Elul 5770