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Orthodox jews to demonstrate regarding the “Geneva initiative”

December 3 2003

A demonstration will be held with G-d’s Help by Orthodox Jews against Zionism regarding the “Geneva Initiative” from 11 AM to 12:30 PM outside the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel, at 1127 Connecticut Ave, Washington, DC.

Once again a new peace plan for the Middle East is presented to the world. Certainly, attempts at ending the endless bloodshed and suffering to both the Arabs and Jews is to be lauded, and in many cases embraced. Although, in the present scenario, how the architects of this plan expect to be able to attain peace without satisfying the Palestinian demand of right of return, among other issues, defies understanding. But those issues are obviously being addressed by the representatives of the Arab people.

We take issue with the fact that the peace planners are totally ignoring G-d and His commandments in the Torah (the five books of Moses, i.e., the written law and the Talmud, i.e., the oral law), and yet this does not seem to perturb them in the least. Therefore, as Torah Loyal Jews, we would like to remind the press and G-d fearing people around the world what G-d commands us as Jews in regard to statehood, the Middle East, and exile in general. And to unequivocally state that one who does not reckon with the five books of Moses or the words of the Talmud, and, most certainly, one who is not bound by his allegiance to God and the laws of his Torah, cannot and does not represent Judaism or the Jewish people. (Truthfully stated, such an individual is not worthy of carrying the name of Judaism.)

At the time that G-d sent the Jewish people into exile, He expressly forbade us to have our own entity, state, etc. In fact, at the time of the destruction of the temple, G-d put the Jewish people under three oaths (Talmud tractate Ketuboth, page 111a):

  1. That we should not rebel against the nations;
  2. That we should not go up en masse to the land of Israel;
  3. And that we should not try to bring about the end of exile through any means;

Transgressing these oaths which G-d set before the Jewish people would bring about tragic results. Without any ambiguity, G-d warned the Jewish people profusely in the books of the Prophets, in the Talmud, etc., that rejecting these oaths will cause bloodshed and suffering. We see so clearly in our own time how this prophecy has come to life with horrible consequences. (As we unfortunately see today). These oaths of exile are in effect regardless of whether the land in question is populated or barren.

The land the Zionists decided to occupy was land belonging to a people, and they usurped the land from them. Thus, not only have they violated the holy oaths – but by oppressing the inhabitants of the land, and by subjugating them, etc., they have committed another cardinal sin against G-d, against the teachings of the Torah, and against the whole concept of the Jewish people as a people of compassion, who are to emulate G-d.

The result is unfortunately tragic and catastrophic. Being that this ongoing present terrible situation – which has gone on now for close to 100 years – is a result of transgressing the above oaths and commandments of G-d, the only way to end the suffering is through repentance. Repentance means to return to submission to G-d and accept our existence as a people in exile, and to return the Holy Land in full to the Palestinians.

We strive to merely state the truth of the Torah, that the Jewish people never aspired and do not aspire to have their own entity or any political existence. In fact, our will is simply to follow the Torah, to be a people of the book, and be loyal to the countries wherein we reside as is required by G-d. Repentance, acceptance of the teachings of the Torah, return of the land in full, and the complete dismantlement and transformation of the entire “state of Israel” to a land belonging to the rule of the indigenous Palestinian people, is the only G-dly solution, and the only solution that can truly bring peace.

Regarding all the other attempts at peace, we can only quote what is stated in the Holy Torah: “Why are you transgressing the words of G-d? It will not be successful.” (Numbers 14: 41)

This transformation is the will of G-d, and it will ultimately come to pass – our prayers and hopes are that this should happen peacefully and speedily. At that time, the Jewish people can once again live in peace and harmony with their Palestinian cousins, as they have co-existed before the advent of Zionism. And just as Jews reside throughout the world under the rule of their host nation and have done so for close to two thousand years, so we want to continue doing. Ultimately, our yearnings and prayers are for the day that (when) G-d deems the time proper – and He Himself, without a human being lifting a finger or uttering a word, will end the exile by revealing His glory to the whole world. At that time, “the world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d”, and “the wolf will rest with the sheep”, and “the swords will be beaten into plowshares” and all mankind will serve Him together in peace and harmony.

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