Rabbis declaring: Israeli ambassador not welcome in Jewish neighborhood in London

Israeli ambassador not welcome in Jewish neighborhood in London

Charedi groups in North London refuse to recognize the state of Israel

The religious leaders of one of Stamford Hill’s most prominent organizations, the Jewish medical emergency service, Hatzola, have repudiated a recent visit to the area made by the Israeli Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely.

In a statement in Hebrew which was circulated on November 3, 2021 around the local community, Rabbi Shalom Weiss, rabbi of Hatzola, and Rabbi Eliezer Benedikt, writing on behalf of its spiritual committee, said the visit had taken place without the knowledge of the leadership of Hatzola and was not in accordance with the Torah view.

The statement reveals the strong opposition within some sections of the Strictly Orthodox community to recognizing the state of Israel, arguing that the restoration of a Jewish state must await the Messiah.

Mrs. Hotovely tweeted after her visit back in October: “It was wonderful to spend the day with the Charedi community in Stamford… I was delighted to meet with communal leaders, get a glimpse into their institutions and further the community’s connection to Israel.”

However, it was subsequently verified that she did not meet any representative of the Charedi community’s main religious umbrella body, the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations.

Whoever it was that she did meet, it is clear that the community was outraged when some in their midst associated themselves with the Zionist movement and state, when for decades they have maintained a strong principle not to do so.

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