Rabbi’s speech at Quds Day rally 2022 in Chicago

Rabbi Dovid Feldman

Spokesman for Neturei Karta NY

Speech by Rabbi Dovid Feldman from Neturei Karta International, delivered at the Quds Day rally in Chicago, Illinois, on April 29, 2022

Thank you

First I would like to thank the organizers for organizing this crucially important rally and for inviting me. It is a true honor for me to stand in front of you here in Chicago to bring you a message from anti-Zionist Jewish communities in solidarity with today’s international rally.

After two years of the unfortunate Covid pandemic, we are, thanks to the Almighty, back here again to observe the annual International Quds Day, to remember Al-Quds, Jerusalem and the whole of Palestine. To remember the indigenous population of the land and all that has been done to them.

On this day, peace loving people around the world speak up for a righteous cause, against the injustice perpetrated against the entire people of Palestine.

I am here representing anti-Zionist Jewish communities, to express our outrage over the ongoing occupation of Palestine.

What makes this catastrophe all the more serious is that this is not just past history, a crime that still needs to be rectified; rather this is about crimes that are continuing and expanding every day.

Unfortunately, every day that goes by, we witness more bloodshed, oppression and catastrophe. The conflict is not just going on, but getting worse. Women and children are not spared, the elderly are not respected.

This is a systematic and ongoing oppression which is considered by world nations as a violation of international law.

We all, people of the human race, are troubled when we witness what is happening before our eyes.

Jewish people throughout the world are deeply embarrassed, because all of this is being done supposedly in our name.

The perpetrators of these crimes call their State with the Jewish name “Israel”. They insist that it be referred as the “Jewish State”. They do so in order to have people think and believe that their movement of Zionism is a Jewish concept and that all Jews support it.

This allows them to claim that whoever dares to criticizes them is against all Jews, which makes the anti-Semites.
But this is false propaganda.

One needs to understand that the State of Israel does not represent world Jewry and that the philosophy of Zionism is in no way the continuation of Judaism. Zionism is a purely secular movement, founded by outspoken heretics, who decided to turn their backs on G-d’s religion and to the commitment and tradition of their grandparents.
Judaism and Zionism are diametric opposites. Judaism is a religion, and a religion only; it is the belief in the Almighty and the practice of His commandments. Zionism is a purely political movement, a form of nationalism, void of G-d and religion.

Still, the Zionist movement is misusing that very same religion that they refuse to follow, in order to justify their existence and all their criminal atrocities.

But in reality all of this is contrary to Judaism. Thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not steal are among the Ten Commandments.

Not only that, the central concept of Zionism – to build a sovereign homeland for Jews – is in total contradiction to the basics of Jewish belief. According to Judaism, the Jewish people are in a Divinely decreed exile, which we are forbidden to end by any physical means. We await a miraculous redemption, done by the Almighty Himself with no human intervention.

Therefore this movement was opposed by Jewish religious leadership even before anyone realized that it would harm anyone. At that time many people outside of the Middle East still believed that Palestine was a land without a people for a people without a land. But today the world knows better. Knowing the long chain of criminal atrocities, we understand that Zionism is in violation of so many other laws of Judaism.

Therefore Jews take part in the world’s outcry and we protest the existence of the State of Israel and condemn all its criminal action. We condemn its stealing of the Jewish identity and its usage of our name.
When we see the ongoing expansions of the settlements, with the aggressive provocations of the radical settler movement, including the most recent one on Al-Aqsa, it is an even greater embarrassment to us. They commit these crimes under the guise of religion: they dress religious to a certain extent and make some religious arguments in an attempt to justify their behavior.
This is a true desecration of the name of the Almighty.

When a religious person commits any crime, it is a desecration of G-d’s name, but when they use the actual religion to justify what they do, it is much worse.

As said, all of this is totally forbidden according to Judaism. When it comes to Al-Aqsa, it is a serious violation of Judaism for a Jew to enter the Temple Mount/Al-Aqsa compound even with no provocation involved. These people who pretend to be Jewish, don’t follow the basics of Judaism.

It is obvious that if a religious person commits a crime, we don’t hold his religion responsible. For example, if he steals, that doesn’t make theft religious, it just makes the person criminal.
The world must understand that the extremist settler movement, despite their claim to be religious, in no way represents world Jewry, or reflects the opinion of the Holy Torah, the Jewish religion.
One of the tactics used in Zionist propaganda is the fear factor. They want people to believe that Muslims and Palestinians hate Jews and want to drive them into the sea. This becomes the excuse for all their actions.

But this is false propaganda. Jews once lived in peace in all Muslim countries, including in Palestine. The problems in Palestine began in the 1920’s with the beginning of the Zionist movement’s provocations in the land. We blame the Zionist movement for the calamity they have brought upon not just Palestinians but also Jews. To the present day, the Zionist occupation of Palestine is the obstacle to peace. Palestinians and Jews alike are suffering from the current conflict.

We, a delegation of Jews, are standing here today together with Muslims for the sake of Palestine. We visited Gaza twice after the beginning of the siege, and we frequently attend Arab gatherings. In all our experience with Muslims and Arabs, we have never encountered any hatred towards Jews, towards the Jewish religion, or any anti-Semitic rhetoric. Our experiences should serve as proof that traditional Arabic hospitality still extends to Jews too, and is a demonstration of how the future can and should look.

We promote a totally free Palestine. We demand that all rights be restored to the Palestinian people, including the full right of return. Once the obstacle to peace is removed, we hope to see once again that beautiful peace that once existed in Palestine.

We hope for the speedy and total dismantlement of the entire State of Israel. We pray that this be peaceful, without any more suffering of anyone. Ultimately we pray for the revelation of the Almighty throughout the universe, so that all mankind should recognize His kingdom and serve Him in peace and harmony. May this be soon in our days. Amen.
Asaloom alekoom