Solidarity with the Palestinian village of Turmus Aya

On Saturday, October 24, 2021, about 25 settlers rioted again, this time it was near the Palestinian village of Turmus Aya. The settlers harassed the villagers who worked in the olive harvest by throwing stones at uprooting olive trees, and all this took place in the midst of the Holy Sabbath.

A delegation from Neturei Karta arrived at the scene to identify with the Palestinian residents and to assist them in the harvest (the sixth-year crop)

The Palestinians living in the village were excited when the delegation came to express their solidarity in the face of Zionist violence.

Interviews were conducted with members of the delegation, where they clarified their opposition to the Zionist violence and that the Zionist acts of violence are strictly forbidden by the Torah, and that authentic Jewish people oppose Zionism in all its forms and desire peace.


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