Solidarity with the village Turmus Aya

A few weeks ago, hundreds of settler extremists raided Turmus Aya, a Palestinian town in the West Bank, igniting violence among the residents. The attackers set fire to homes with occupants inside, including women and children, and assaulted anyone who approached. Tragically, one resident who attempted to rescue children from a burning house was killed by the assailants.

On Tuesday, July 13, a delegation of Palestinian Jews visited the village council, the home of the slain individual, and one of the damaged houses to express solidarity with the grieving families. They sought to clarify the genuine Jewish opposition to Zionism and condemn the heinous acts perpetrated by Zionist extremists.

In the accompanying photo, the delegation is shown alongside the young son of the deceased, standing beside his bereaved grandfather. Despite the dire circumstances, the families welcomed the delegation with reverence, following a long-standing tradition of hospitality.

Remarkably, amidst the turmoil, the residents of Turmus Ayya demonstrated a nuanced understanding of the distinction between Jews and Zionists. They recognized that not all Jews bear responsibility for the actions of Zionist extremists and understood the falsehood inherent in the name “Israel” as used by the perpetrators.

It is worth noting that a significant portion of the villagers are American citizens.

We extend our blessings to the members of the delegation who traveled from various cities to undertake this noble mission. Their efforts serve as a beacon of hope and solidarity in times of darkness.


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