Speech by Rabbi Joseph Kohn at the virtual Quds Day rally

Rabbi Joseph Kohn

A salaam alaikum,

Good afternoon and thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the traditional Jewish voice in support of Palestine,

Every year on the international Quds Day, We get together to express our pain over one of the most significant tragedies of our times, the occupation of Palestine.
to show that Palestine is not alone, that kind, right-minded people do stand with sympathy and solidarity. We haven’t forgotten about their pain and suffering. We do care. We do keep them in our hearts and minds.

As a member of the Jewish community, I am humbled to join and bring the message of solidarity -not only from myself-, but from the Jewish communities around the world who stand with you today united against apartheid.

For decades, the Palestinian people have been deprived of their land and livelihood, living in camps, under oppression in their own land.

We condemn the Zionist state for their criminal actions, and we are appalled that they do it in our name, that they call themselves the Jewish state and claim to be representing the entire Jewish people.
They have stolen our identity! The Torah, -our G-d-given guide – forbids killing, stealing and fighting with our neighbors.

Furthermore, the very existence of a Jewish state, in any shape or form is forbidden according to the Torah.

The Torah teaches that G-d sent us into exile 2000 years ago, and we may not make any attempt to end this G-dly decreed exile, to establish a sovereign state for ourselves.
We must live under the rule of other nations as loyal citizens, not rebel against any nation, not fight wars with any country, not threaten or attack anyone.

This was the accepted approach by all Jews throughout all generations, until the invention of
Zionism, a movement that was formed about 120 years ago by non-believing Jews, to establish a state for Jews in violation of G-d’s command.
They created their state in Palestine at the expense of the indigenous people,
against the will of the inhabitants of Palestine, both, the Arab Muslim population, and the original Palestinian Jewish community.
Before the creation of the state of Israel, in July 1947, when the United Nations was considering the Partition Plan, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Dushinsky, testified before the UN’s committee saying: “We wish to express our definite opposition to a Jewish state in any part of Palestine.” end quote

But we were ignored, just as the Palestinian people were ignored.
And with the creation of the state, a long chain of wars, cruelty and oppression began.

Throughout the years anti zionist religious Jews stood up in vehement opposition to the Zionist state. We have demonstrated in public in many large cities and capitals around the world, and we have joined countless pro-Palestinian rallies, to condemn the zionist occupation and atrocities, as can be found on our website nkusa.org.

Even more Jews would come out in public to express their outcry against the injustice and the mistreatment of the Palestinians, if not for the intimidation and pressure of Zionist groups.

our demonstrations are rarely shown on Mainstream media, it’s easier to find coverage on social media,
However even on social media there is big censorship going on. On pro palestinian content, and specifically Jewish pro palestinian post’s, A number of social media accounts of anti- zionist rabbis have recently been restricted, and some suspended.

Facebook is considering introducing a policy that would accept that anti-Zionism is the same as anti-Semitism, limiting our ability to speak up for palestine.

More than 50 organizations are petitioning Facebook with over 57 thousand signatures and growing, not to censor posts about Zionism.

For more on this visit

And hashtag #FacebookWeNeedToTalk

Conflating Judaism with Zionism is an insult to Jews, because it gives the false impression that all the criminal actions of the zionist state is supported by all Jews,
The truth is that Zionism is not the same as Judaism, it’s the opposite, Judaism is a religion
Zionism has broken away from Judaism. It is rooted in heresy and bloodshed, They have no right to use the name “Israel”, or to act on behalf of the Jewish people, followers of the Jewish faith.

Don’t let anyone call you an anti-semite for speaking up against zionism. Anti-zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism.
On the contrary, Zionism and their actions are a cause for increased hatred towards Jews.
On the other hand, making a clear distinction between Judaism and Zionism is decreasing anti-Semitism on a large scale.
Those who silence the voices that differentiate between Judaism and zionism
And those who conflate Judaism and zionism are actually encouraging anti-Semitism.

We as Jews have opposed the establishment of the state of israel from the very beginning,
And maintain our opposition to its existence to the present day.
And of course we are opposed to the ongoing expansion of the settlements.

The extremist settler movement is unfortunately very misleading.
The settlers may look religious, and may misquote the Torah to justify their crimes,
their vandalism and physical attacks has no justification, and we are outraged that they are using our religion as a cover.

As followers of the Jewish faith, true to G-d and the Torah, we call for a speedy end to the occupation in its entirety. Let Palestine be free from the river to the sea!

Ultimately we hope for the day of G-d’s redemption when all mankind will recognize the kingdom of the Almighty and serve him in peace and harmony. Amen

Thank you A salaam alaikum