Statement by Neturei Karta International on Yesterday’s Protest Against Kalman Yeger

Yesterday, March 28, 2019, Neturei Karta held a protest on 16th Avenue in Brooklyn in front of the office of Kalman Yeger, a local councilman who recently created tensions between the Jewish and Arab communities with his statement that “Palestine does not exist.”

At the same time, former NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind led a counter protest in support of Yeger. The large crowd of Hikind and Yeger supporters were unruly and even violent, to the point that the anti-Zionist protesters needed police protection.

The relative sizes of the groups in no way reflects the true proportion of the Jewish community that disapproves of Yeger’s inflammatory rhetoric. Hikind is a well know supporter of the settler movement and the Meir Kahane Zionist extremist movement.

It is no surprise that Jews are intimidated by him and his ilk. Many Jews have told us that they would like to come out publicly in protest again Yeger, but are afraid to do so.

We deplore Hikind’s fearmongering tactics.

The Borough Park Jewish community is mostly made up of Holocaust survivors and their descendents, and Hikind is capitalizing on their past suffering, trying to instigate a fear that our Arab and Muslim neighbors are somehow a continuation of the Nazis.

But we know that on the contrary, thank G-d, and G-d should help further, we have always been living in peace together with our good neighbors, here in the United States and in the Middle East.

Dov Hikind and Kalman Yeger are simply trying to gain political points, at the cost of sowing fear and creating a rift between these two beautiful communities in Brooklyn, the Jewish and Arab/Muslim communities.

Aside from the fact that Judaism does not permit Zionism and taking over the Holy Land, this political point-gathering here in America only serves the import the tragic Middle Eastern conflict to our doorstep and makes matters worse for all involved.