Statement by Neturei Karta International to the Quds Day rally in Toronto

Rabbi Yoel Stern

Leading activist, Neturei Karta Canada

We apologize that, due to the religious restrictions of the Jewish Sabbath, we cannot speak to you today on the microphone, but we are here to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people in general and to contribute to today’s rally here in Toronto.

We of Neturei Karta International, anti-Zionist religious Jews from around the world, join the International Quds day initiative, to remember Al-Quds-Jerusalem and the entire land of Palestine. We express our full solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine and totally condemn all Zionist atrocities committed against them.

It is already 74 years since the Palestinian people were displaced, oppressed, killed and robbed, unjustly in order to make room for the creation of the modern State of Israel. This illegal occupation continues to the present day, especially with the bombing of Gaza, killing of men women and children, ongoing expansion of settlements, demolition of homes, and the most recent provocations on Al-Aqsa.
This is very disturbing to righteous human beings who care, and especially for us, as Jews, we are truly embarrassed since these crimes are being committed in our name. And worse than that, they are being done in the name of the Torah, in the name of G-d, by taking the holy words of the Torah and misusing them to further their own goals and justify theft and murder.

Killing and stealing are violations of the Ten Commandments. The Torah forbids even to move the fence marking the border between one’s land and his neighbor’s land. That’s stealing!

In addition, the Zionist movement is officially uprooting everything in Judaism, from the philosophy of ending the G-dly decreed exile by physical means, to publicly violating each and every commandment of the Torah.

That’s why all the greatest rabbis were always opposed to Zionism. And to this day, religious Jews, in all the countries where they live, including Palestine, are opposed to the State of Israel. It’s a fact that if you walk through neighborhoods where high concentrations of traditionally Orthodox Jews live, Jews who dress like us, you usually won’t see any Zionist flags. The more religious a Jew is, the more opposed to Zionism he is.

We proclaim: the Zionist state cannot speak in the name of world Jewry! The state and Judaism are diametric opposites. Judaism is a religion and has no connection to any state. The State of Israel is a materialistic nationalist state, with no connection to religion or faith. They are using the name “Israel” and insist on calling it the “Jewish State”, in order to have people think that they represent all Jews. They are using the Torah falsely to justify their crimes.

Jews protest in the strongest terms against their killing and stealing. According to the Jewish Torah, the entire land, from the River to the Sea, must be restored to its rightful owners, the Palestinian people. We don’t support the two-state solution. The entire State of Israel is in violation of Judaism!

We have lived for centuries in peace in Muslim countries, including in the Holy Land. The present conflict began only with the invention of the Zionist movement. Muslims didn’t hate Jews or Judaism, and still don’t. They are against occupation, regardless of who the perpetrator is.

It’s false propaganda when the Zionists do everything in their power to portray anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism. That’s one of the lies they have created to further their goals.

We hope and pray to the Almighty that the state of Israel should come to an end quickly and peacefully, without any bloodshed. We hope to see it soon, in our days, and then Jews and Muslims will once again live side by side in a free Palestine.

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