Statement by Palestinian mayors regarding their relationship to Jews

Statement by Mayors of Palestinian Towns Recognizing the Distinction Between Judaism and Zionism. The following statement was issued by the deposed mayors of the West Bank, following visits by a Neturei Karta delegation, headed by Neturei Karta leader Rabbi Moshe Hirsch, at their respective homes throughout the West Bank. The Neturei Karta organization represents tens of thousands of veteran Jewish residents of Palestine and hundreds of thousands of Jews throughout the world who consider the Zionist state of Israel a sacrilege.


18, Dhi al-Qi’deh 1402
September 6, 1982

We, the elected majors in the occupied West Bank, declare our clear position regarding the differentiation between the Jews as followers of a divine religion, and Zionism, as an expansionist, settler movement.

To date, this distinction has not acquired its historical justice. We believe that the Zionist movement has used, since some 80 years ago, certain sectors of the Jewish people, by exploiting events and developments in the European arena, for the purpose of invading and settling Palestinian land, after forcing its inhabitants out. Initially, the Zionist movement used political means, the forerunner of which was represented by the so-called Balfour Declaration of 1917. Late it began using military means.

It is well known that at the time, Palestine was inhabited by Muslim and Christian Arabs, in addition to a Jewish minority. This Jewish minority lived among the Arabs in peace and tranquility, for centuries, until the aggressive Zionist campaign against all residents, endangering peace, began to surface. Later on, there was the partition resolution of 1947, which divides Palestine into an Arab state and a Jewish one. Yet this resolution was not implemented, and the state if Israel was established. In 1967, Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza, and portions of Syria and Egypt. Whereas the Jews had lived a normal life with the Arab residents in the past, the region was turned, then, into a battlefield.

It is possible that the latest war against the Palestinian and Lebanese people in Lebanon is new proof of the need for this distinct perception, in order to achieve a just and comprehensive peace in the region based on the United Nations resolutions.



Amin Ibrahim Nasr, Major of Qalqilya
Ahmad Shawki Mahmoud, Mayor of Jenin
Ibrahim Tawil, Mayor of al-Bireh
Bassam Shaka’a, Mayor of Nablus
Karim Khalaf, Mayor of Ramallah
Wahid Hamdallah, Major of Anabta
Khaled al-Awad, Mayor of Qabatya
Hijazi Rashid, Mayor of Dier Dibwan
Mousa Mamoud Mousa, Mayor of Silwad

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