Statement by Rabbi Dovid Feldman at the anti-Israel rally

Rabbi Dovid Feldman

Spokesman for Neturei Karta NY

In the name of the Almighty we shall do and succeed. As the verse says in Psalms: “My help is from G-d the maker of heaven and earth”
Good afternoon, dear friends and comrades, members of the press and the general public.

We are here today on the streets of New York City, during the Covid 19 pandemic, when public gathering is not our first preference. We have come out due to the urgency of our matter, which is truly essential and crucial.

We are here to protest the Israeli government’s ongoing oppression of the anti-Zionist Jewish community in the Holy Land, and recently the brutal imprisonment of Rabbi Binyamin Friedman, whom they have held, so far, for 12 weeks, with no release date in sight.

Recent Events

Why was Rabbi Friedman arrested?

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Israeli government did not allow people to pray in groups, even in the street with proper social distancing and protection, or even as lone individuals inside synagogues. In enforcing social distancing regulations, the Israeli government disproportionately targeted the Orthodox communityin regards to their religious observance, while in secular cities like Tel Aviv they were lax and allowed buses to operate while packed with passengers.

On March 30, in one of the frequent police raids in the city Beis Shemesh, 30 kilometers west of Jerusalem, they arrested Rabbi Friedman for his attendance at an ad hoc prayer group outdoors. They gave him an unusually long sentence, saying they would hold him until the end of the judicial process. Additionally, they tortured him in jail in a shocking and horrific manner, as he recently described in an interview.

This is not the first time Friedman has been arrested and harassed, and certainly not the first time that anti-Zionist peaceful activists in general have been tortured by the Israeli police.
It’s no coincidence that members of our community are regularly treated this way.

This brutal treatment of Friedman was due to his history of peaceful activism against the Israeli state. This is a part of the Israeli regime’s ongoing oppression of our anti-Zionist communities, for their peaceful expressing their firm opposition to the state of Israel. This opposition is based on, and required by, our religion.

At the same time, a religious Jewish girl, Hadassah Margulies, was dragged out of her bed in the middle of the night and thrown into military prison for evading the draft. For several years running, they have persecuted boys and girls for refusing to join the immoral and criminal Zionist army.

Human Rights under the UN

We are here to condemn this unacceptable Israeli oppression of our communities, and we declare that –
Oppressing a community due to its political or religious expression is fundamentally against the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

So is the torture of any detainee, regardless of their crime, a true violation of International law.

Furthermore, we are here to reiterate that according to the UN Commission on Human Rights resolution 1998/77: conscientious objectors deserve the right to be exempt from army service.

Not a Jewish state

The Israelis’ vicious treatment of a Rabbi, and in general their ongoing oppression of the authentic religious Jewish community for exercising what is required by their religion, shows that Israel is not a Jewish state as they claim to be. Their goal is, and has always been, to uproot Torah observance.

They act in the name of world Jewry and fight against their neighbors, acts which are forbidden by the Jewish religion, and thereby they cause anti-Semitism in the Middle East and throughout the world. And now the world can see that they not only cause anti-Semitism – they themselves persecute Jews.

The State of Israel is not a savior or safe haven for Jews, on the contrary, it has brought enormous hate and suffering.

Before the State of Israel existed, our communities lived in the Holy Land for hundreds of years.

We lived in peace, we were protected and our religion was respected.

Why? Because we behaved in accordance with the Jewish tradition. All that these Jews wanted was to fulfill their religious obligations to God, and to live with kindness and peaceful relations with their neighbors.

But then the movement of Zionism came to transform Judaism from a religion, from subservience to the Almighty, into a nationalism, void of all that is spiritual. To the present day, using their army draft as a social engineering tool, they are attempting to transform the Jewish people from a religious people, a people of the book, from a pious and spiritual people, to a political nation, a people of the sword, whose goal is to kill, rule and dictate.


From day one, the religious Jewish leadership opposed the Zionist movement.

Rabbi Dushinsky, the chief rabbi of Jerusalem, led a delegation in 1947, one year before the creation of the State, which testified before the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine as it met in Jerusalem. He expressed the position of the indigenous Jewish communities of the Holy Land, in their total opposition to the creation of a Jewish state.

To the present day hundreds of thousands of religious Jews in the Holy Land actively oppose the Zionist regime. They refuse to serve in the Israeli army. Masses of Jews totally boycott the Israeli elections. And even more Jews worldwide don’t celebrate at all any Zionist celebrations, like Israeli Independence Day etc.

We will never recognize the so-called state of Israel! We will keep on educating our children and future generations about what true Judaism is, and the farce that is called Zionism.
This is why they don’t want our community to continue, and they are doing everything to break us, take our children away, and bring an end to our existence.

The Zionists are a threat to us, because we know their past record of violence. Throughout their history, they have not hesitated to spill blood or harm anyone who stood in their way.

Two days ago was the 96th anniversary of the first political martyr killed by the Zionists, Dr. Yakov Yisroel Dehaan. He was an influential Jewish diplomat who stood up to protect the independence of the traditional Jewish community in the Holy Land from the Zionists.

Conclusion and message

On behalf of anti-Zionist communities worldwide, we condemn the state of Israel for its persecution of the Jewish faith, and the harassment of the anti-Zionist religious community.

We are standing here today in the Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, in front of the United Nations headquarters here in NYC, the organization which promotes protection and basic rights for all.  On behalf of our oppressed communities in the Holy Land, we request that you send an international force to shield our community and protect their rights.

After a litany of crimes the Israeli government has been committing for the past decades, and after a number of resolutions the United Nations has issued in response, it is high time that the United Nations send a special delegation to investigate the Israeli behavior towards the anti-Zionist religious Jewish minority, and pass a long-awaited resolution to condemn Israel for its violation of human rights

We need to have them stop all violations of human rights including the immediate release of Rabbi Binyomin Friedman.

We proclaim that even if they don’t harm any Jew, their wars against other nations and provocations against their neighbors are totally forbidden. And even if they were to be at total peace with all their neighbors, the mere existence of Jewish sovereignty is forbidden according to the Jewish religion.

The world must know: the state of Israel is not a Jewish state! They don’t represent world Jewry!

Our message to the world is: don’t be misled by the Zionist propaganda. They are always asking for more and more money to supposedly help Jews. Be aware that by supporting them, you are supporting violations of human rights, and oppression of minority groups. This is supporting transgression of the Jewish law and uprooting of the Jewish religion.

Our message to Rabbi Friedman: You are not alone! We admire your courage. We are with you. We stood by you in the past, we are standing up for you in the present and will do so in the future if needed.

In conclusion, we turn to the Almighty G-d, our Father in heaven and we pray: we are here to sanctify Your holy name and to protect the people who stand up for You and Your religion.  We publicly proclaim that we never did, and never will we forsake You. Till our last breath we will stand up for You and Your holy Torah.

O G-d, fulfill the request we make in our daily prayers: “Sanctify Your name upon those who sanctify Your name”. May our people be protected from the hands of the evil Zionists in the Holy Land or wherever they may be. And may all of humanity be protected from all strife, the world over.

May we merit to see the day when all evil will vanish from the earth and Your kingdom will be accepted by all Your creations, amein.