Statement by the Eidah Chareidis in Reaction to the Militant Zionist Demonstrations in Jerusalem

We protest and condemn those extremist Zionists from the Lehava organization who marched against the Palestinian community here in Jerusalem with murderous cries of “Death to Arabs”. We are doubly pained by the desecration of G-d’s name when these activities are done by, or connected with, religious Jews.

We therefore call upon everyone to reinstate calm and to extinguish the fires of violence, which could lead to much worse, G-d forbid. And we affirm that the religious community has no connection with these demonstrations. As faithful Jews, we believe that we were exiled from our land by Divine decree, and only G-d will redeem us.

We call upon all yeshiva students, parents and educators: please take all steps to ensure that no student participates in these irresponsible demonstrations. Protect yourselves from the damaging influence of these Zionists, who do not have your best interest at heart. They may sometimes pretend to be friends, but they are actually partners with those who uproot Judaism and tear the Torah to shreds.

May G-d have mercy on His people and bring the final redemption without any more suffering.

The Eidah Chareidis
Friday of Parshas Acharei-Kedoshim, 11 Iyar 5781 (April 23, 2021)

The Edah HaChareidis is the anti-Zionist high rabbinical court in Jerusalem. The Eidah has at least 100,000 members and controls a network of more than 150 schools throughout the Holy Land.