Statement on the 2020 Presidential Election

Neturei Karta International is strictly a religious organization, and we don’t take sides on political issues, nor do we endorse any candidate. But we feel compelled to voice our objection to the statements and rallies of certain Jewish groups in the weeks prior to the elections.

Jewish voters, like all Americans, will vote for the candidate they feel is best. However, these groups gave the impression that Jews are unified as a group in support of one side. This is not correct, nor is it in accordance with Jewish tradition.

Jews as a group should not publicly rally in favor of any candidate, especially in a divisive election such as this one. It is inconsistent with the Torah’s directive that Jews keep a low profile during exile.

Religious Jews should cast their votes based on the principles of the Torah, and some of those principles would make it impossible for Jews to support a candidate whose platform is against them.

Jews, like all upstanding voters, should vote for the candidate they feel is best for America and the world. Torah-true Jews in particular don’t consider a candidate’s support for the State of Israel to be a plus, because support for the State of Israel is actually not support for Jews – it is, in fact, against the Torah. The Torah teaches that Jews are forbidden to establish their own sovereign state, displace or oppress other peoples or fight wars. Moreover, actions taken by the State of Israel often give rise to hatred towards Jews everywhere.

We conclude with a prayer to the Almighty that this election, whatever its results, should lead to peace and prosperity for America and the entire world.

G-d bless America!