Zionist atrocities and provocations, not in the Jewish name

Rabbi Joel Glauber

Zionist atrocities and provocations, not in the Jewish name Speech by Rabbi Joel Glauber of Neturei Karta International at the International Al-Quds Day Rally, August 17, 2012, in Times Square, New York City.

With the help of the Almighty Asaloom Alecum

We have gathered here today at this International Al- Quds Day rally to remember and express solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people.

Our group of Orthodox Jews is joining you here today to declare that the Zionist occupation in Palestine, the pain and suffering and cruel treatment of the Palestinian people is a crime, is a violation of Jewish law, and is not being done in name of world Jewry.

Jews world-wide are embarrassed by all these crimes that are sadly being committed, supposedly in our name.

Authentic Jews over the past decades have opposed the Zionist philosophy ,not just because of its crimes against the Palestinian people, but also because the idea of a sovereign Jewish homeland, and the very existence of the State of Israel, is forbidden according to Jewish belief.

The philosophy of Zionism was invented by totally heretical Jews. It was vehemently opposed in almost all religious Jewish circles worldwide. The Zionists of that time worked very hard to get a few rabbis to support their new movement, and bring this foreign idea into the Jewish communities.

Why were Jews against Zionism even before it ever committed any crimes against other people?

Why did Jews, who suffered severely during the Holocaust and many other times throughout their history, not prefer to organize a safe haven for themselves?

And why was it so difficult for the Zionists to introduce their movement to the religious Jewish communities of the world?

The answer is: because this philosophy is forbidden according to Jewish teaching and runs contrary to basic Jewish belief.

Judaism teaches that Jews are in a divinely decreed exile: we are commanded to be loyal citizens in the countries in which we live, and are forbidden to make any physical attempt to end this exile.

We believe that it is the Almighty Himself who will bring about the long-awaited Final Redemption, a time when nations will no longer wage wars against each other and all humanity will live in peace and harmony. This is the Jewish hope!

After the Second World War, when unfortunately millions of Jews were murdered, including our greatest leaders, the Jewish survivors were leaderless and desperate. The Zionists managed the confuse widows and orphans by promising them a supposed safe haven.

The situation in Palestine is not only a painful tragedy for the Palestinian people, it is not only a physical calamity for the Jews, but it is an uprooting of our religion. It has uprooted Jewish practice from our people and has transformed the mind-set of masses of Jews, away from Jewish belief.

At this opportunity I would like to condemn the recent harsh statement made by the Israeli leaders against the country of Iran and its leaders. I would like to state that this is not the position of world Jewry, and the State of Israel never represented all Jews. The Torah [the Jewish holy book] requires Jews to live in peace with all people, to live as loyal citizens in the country in which they reside and not to take any political actions against other nations.

Religious Jews world wide, to the present day, oppose the philosophy of Zionism, the very existence of the State of Israel, and their cruel treatment of the Palestinian people.

The occupation in Palestine is unjust, the expulsion of the indigenous people of Palestine is a crime and the Zionist state’s behavior against others is un Jewish.

I would like to mention that at the present time, masses of Jews in the Holy Land are being imprisoned for their refusal to serve in the Israeli army. Massive demonstrations are being held on the streets of Jerusalem, but most probably you didn’t hear about this.

We hope and pray for the day when the glory of the Almighty will be revealed throughout the universe, when His kingdom will be accepted by all, and all humanity will serve Him together in peace and harmony.
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