Anti-Zionist Jews Protest Israeli Parade in Manhattan Amid Gaza Conflict

Dozens of anti-Zionist religious Jews protested the annual Israeli parade in Manhattan, New York City, on Sunday, June 2nd, 2024. The parade, which took place amid the ongoing war in Gaza that has already claimed the lives of over 40,000 innocent Palestinians, was held under tight security. Despite Zionist pressure to prevent any protests this year, protesters managed to stand by the entrance to the parade on Madison Avenue between 52nd Street and 53rd Street, filling up the whole street and amplifying the voices of many Jews around the world against Zionism, particularly in light of the recent genocide in Gaza.

As Rabbi Yitzchok Deutsch stated, “The Zionists are dancing in the blood of the Palestinian people and also in the blood of the Jewish people, which is being spilled because of the actions of the Zionist movement. We are here to make it clear to the world that Zionism is not Judaism.”

Vehicles displaying anti-Zionist banners also rode through the streets around the parade, thereby protesting it. After standing for a while, the group marched down Madison Avenue to the end of the parade route, where Zionist celebrities emerged from the parade. The protest made it loud and clear that Zionism does not speak in the name of the Jewish people.

Protest and slogans at the entrance to the Zionist parade

Marching to the end of the parade

Vehicles displaying anti-Zionist banners


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