The true religious Jewish position on Al-Aqsa

Anti-Zionist Rabbis Protest Zionist Zealot Activity in Al-Aqsa Compound

These Zionist zealots have attempted on many occasions to provoke hatred between Jews and Arabs. These zealots are an ugly embodiment of Zionism, a movement rooted in insensitivity to others and predicated upon rebellion against the Creator.

The Zionist ideology and the State of “Israel” are forbidden according to the Torah; they cannot and do not represent Judaism or the Jewish people.

Judaism demands that the Jewish people live in peace and respect with all people, regardless of their nationality. The history of the State of “Israel” is testimony to Zionism’s rejection of these Torah axioms. It is high time that world Jewry abandoned the heresy of Zionism and its path of bloodshed.

The Jewish people were sent into exile through a Divine decree. The attempt of revoking this state of exile by establishing a sovereign so-called Jewish State was and still remains in direct conflict with sacred Jewish Law and is a demonstration of defiance of the Almighty and His Torah. The State of “Israel” is a forbidden fruit.

Compounding this transgression is the constant trampling on the rights of the Palestinians. Only through the complete dismantlement of the State of “Israel” and the reinstatement of Palestinian sovereignty over the Holy Land in its entirety, can true peace be achieved. We pray that this take place through peaceful means.

In addition, it is noteworthy that the Jewish people, for the past two thousand years, have respected Jewish law and refrained from treading on Al-Aqsa, known to Jews as the Temple Mount. Due to our present inability to accomplish the necessary ritual purification required by the Torah, it is a cardinal sin for a Jewish person to enter the holy Temple Mount. Only Zionists and their fellow heretics have the audacity to breach this awesome dictate of the Almighty.

It is crucial to note that Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, ob”m, the anti-Zionist Chief Rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish Community of Palestine (1848-1932), already in 1929 issued a statement in Arabic in a local leading Arabic newspaper, El Salaam, clarifying and stating the unambiguous Jewish position in regard to Al-Aqsa and the Temple Mount. “The Jews do not want, in any way, to take that which isn’t theirs. And they certainly don’t want to contest the rights of the other inhabitants to the places held by them, which they regard with honor and consider holy. And in particular there is no foundation to the rumor that the Jews want to acquire the “Temple Mount”. On the contrary, from the time that, because of our sins, we were exiled from our land, our Holy Temple was destroyed, and we have been lacking the purity required by the Torah, it is forbidden for any Jewish person to set foot upon the grounds of the “Temple Mount”, until the coming of the righteous messiah, who with the spirit of the Almighty, will rule righteously, for the good of all creation, and will return to us the purity required by the Torah.” (Message of Peace and Truth, also printed in the Jewish newspaper Kol Yisroel on November 22, 1929 and in the Palestine Bulletin on November 29)

Appropriately, the present anti-Zionist Rabbinate of Jerusalem, Eidah HaCharedis, representing over 250,000 anti-Zionist Jews in Palestine, issued a statement on November 18, 2014, in reaction to the murder of a number of Jewish people at that time in Jerusalem, saying that we cannot be silent and ignore the fact that the cause for this bloodshed was the spirit of illegitimate nationalism in the Holy Land. “This nationalism,” they wrote, “has brought upon us the hatred of the nations, and especially at fault are those who incite other Jews to ascend the Temple Mount, which is a most severe sin, as Jewish legal authorities have ruled.”

More recently, on October 11, 2015, the Eidah HaCharedis issued the following statement: “Trembling has seized us as nationalist movements are once again attempting to ascend the Temple Mount, and to campaign for free Jewish entrance to the Temple Mount. Already back in 1967, the members of our Rabbinical Court, of blessed memory, warned in the name of the Torah that it is a severe and grave sin to enter the Temple Mount nowadays, and that whoever enters the Temple grounds is liable to Divine punishment. They repeated this admonition many times over the years, and all great rabbis, both in the Holy Land and abroad, ruled similarly. Now we have come to reiterate this ban, and we declare that the Torah cannot be changed. This spirit of nationalism leads to violent action, and a heavy price has already been paid, may the Almighty spare us, in the form of human lives that have been cut short on this altar of nationalism. The blood of our fellow Jews cries out to us from the earth, to hold accountable those who caused their deaths.”

The Orthodox anti-Zionist Jews of Jerusalem have taken that message to heart. Just recently, when they discovered that one religious family from the settler movement, that goes dressed like the members of their community, had entered the Temple Mount, the entire Jewish community staged a protest outside their home, vehemently decrying and condemning their actions.
Torah doctrine teaches that defiance of the Almighty cannot be successful. It follows that no real peace will eventuate as long as this forbidden fruit, the Zionist State of Israel, a blatant rebellion against the Almighty, continues to exist.

The current unrest in the Holy Land is only the latest example of this. On October 15, 2015, Rabbi Moshe Beck, a leader of Neturei Karta, said, “With great pain and fear, we stand and watch the suffering and bloodshed on both sides of the conflict that stems from the Zionist philosophy, which began over 100 years ago. From then until now, Zionism has sown only pain, suffering and bloodshed in the world. World leaders and ministers have been struggling to work out some compromise that could improve the situation, but they have had no success. The fire of this conflict flares up from time to time, and no one can extinguish it. If only we could return to those peaceful days before the rise of the Zionist movement, when Jews and non-Jews lived in peace, tranquility and respect side by side, with no danger! In those days, small numbers of Jews used to immigrate to the Holy Land as individuals, with the sole purpose of serving the Almighty, without any plans to rule over the country – and then they lived in peace and harmony. To this day, there are thousands of Jews from this original community living in the Holy Land who strongly oppose Zionism, and whose only goal is to serve the Almighty peacefully, as their parents and grandparents did before them. How great is the pain when these Jews fall as innocent bystanders in the fiery conflict ignited by the Zionists!”
Traditional Jews have always opposed Zionism and the State of “Israel”. The unfortunate events of today only serves to show how correct this position is.

We urge humankind to stand together with us in prayer for the speedy, peaceful and total dismantlement and removal of the impediment to peace, the Zionist State of Israel. Then Jews, Muslims and Arabs can once again live in harmony in the Holy Land, the Middle East and throughout the world, as history bears witness to our prior coexistence.
Ultimately, we pray for the day when the Almighty will reveal His glory throughout the world, and all humankind will join in serving Him in peace and brotherhood. Amen.

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