Torah opposition to Zionism FAQ’s By: Rabbi Moshe Dov Beck

An Explanation of Our Presence On this Occasion

Q: May I ask you a few questions?

A: Of course.

Q: Who are you?

A: We are Orthodox Jews, Jews who keep the old, original Jewish faith and Torah.

Q: What is your purpose in appearing here?

A: Our purpose is to make known to the world something that not everyone knows: that the authentic Jewish people is not identical with the Zionist idea and the Zionist state, but rather the two are diametric opposites, like day and night.Q: I don’t

understand what you’re saying. I have a whole list of questions. May I ask?

A: Of course.

Q: What exactly is the Zionist idea, and why is it diametrically opposed to the original Jewish people?

A: The Almighty sent the Jewish people into exile due to their sins. Through His true prophets, He warned us not to organize ourselves and arise on our own from exile. The Almighty alone, without help from any creature and without any organization, will redeem us. The Jewish people’s entire life and existence is faith and Torah. They have been waiting in exile for almost two thousand years, remaining loyal to the warnings and promises of the Almighty.

About 150 years ago, non-believing individuals arose who incorrectly understood the essence of the Jewish people. In their eyes, the Jewish people’s essence was not spirituality but materialism, and they proposed a modern solution to the “problem of exile”. Mocking the old tradition of faith and hope, they introduced the concept of self-organization, which the Torah forbids. It is from this concept that the Zionist state was born.

One sin leads to another: they unjustly pulled out the ground from under the feet of the Palestinian people, robbed them of their houses and property, and expelled them cruelly and murderously. This would have been a massive criminal act for an individual Jew, both according to Torah law and international law – all the more so for a large group of Jews.
We are here to proclaim that the original Jewish people has no connection to the Zionist idea, their state or their actions.

Q: If they are really the antithesis of the Jewish people, how can they call themselves “Israel”?

A: That is one of their lies. They have no right to use that name. They are not the representatives or spokesmen for the true Jewish people.

Q: Still, you cannot deny that they protect the Jewish people from their enemies, the Palestinians and other nations.

A: That is a fundamental error. The Palestinians and others are not the enemies of the Jewish people and they never were. Before Zionism, Jews lived among them all with peace and brotherhood. And to this day, Jews live in all Arab and Muslim countries with peace and freedom. Only the Zionists make trouble. They settled on top of the Palestinians’ heads, chased them out, stole from them and ruled over them. This alone was the cause of all the hostilities and killing on both sides from the start, continuing to this day with no end in sight.

Q: You see that there was a Holocaust, so you need someone to protect you.

A: Do you think, then, that the Zionists would have been able to take on Nazi Germany, whom it took Russia, England, France, America and others six years to defeat?

Secondly, did the Zionists want to save Jews during the Holocaust? There were times when they could have done so. For example, they could have pressured the Allies to bomb the tracks leading to death camps such as Auschwitz and Treblinka, but they did not. They also refused to give money to save Jews from the Nazis. In certain cases, they even collaborated with the Nazis (these stories are well-documented and fill lengthy books).

Third, we see that they can’t even defend themselves against weak organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah and others. How then could they protect the Jews against a powerful country like Germany?
Fourth, if there were to be an outbreak of anti-Semitism somewhere in the world, the Zionists would not come to the aid of the Jews in that place. Rather, they would exploit the situation and distribute propaganda encouraging those Jews to come running to their state. That is what they did to the Jews in many Arab countries: they raised an outcry claiming that the Jews were being persecuted there, so that the Jews should come to augment the population of their new state.
Fifth, the founder of political Zionism wrote in his book that the way to get Jews to come to the new state would be to light the fire of anti-Semitism around the world and let it burn under the feet of the Jews, so that they should have to run to the land that the Zionists would found. This is exactly what they did, and this brought us the Holocaust. Today, they use the Holocaust for their propaganda.

Sixth, history has shown that we could do without their “protection.” Already for sixty years, Jews have generally lived peacefully in the world; the only place where there is constant violence is in their state. However, the Zionists are trying to make disturbances in the rest of the world, crying out over every little incident in order to prove that Jews must come to them for protection.

Q: Can you deny that there is anti-Semitism in the world, for example in Iran?

A: There is no anti-Semitism in Iran. That is Zionist propaganda. Jews there have special privileges, even in matters of religion. For example, Jews are allowed to make wine for kiddush, although it is forbidden to Muslims. If there is anti-Semitism anywhere, it is because the Zionists arouse it with the cruel acts that they commit.

Q: If Jewish organization and self-defense is wrong, what then would you do if there were real trouble for Jews somewhere in the world?

A: You ask a good question. The answer is deep; absorb it slowly and perhaps you will understand.

1) Faith and Torah are the highest priority for a Jew; his life comes second. We are loyal to our beliefs with our very lives, and we will not trade them away in order to save our lives. In a difficult time, we will only do what the Torah allows us to do, which is to use submissive methods of saving ourselves.

2) We believe that the Almighty causes everything to happen, both good and bad; human beings are only His agents. We cannot free ourselves from His decrees.

3) We believe that the Almighty is the Guardian of Israel. History has seen many great ruling powers rise and fall, but the Jews still exist and will continue to exist. Organization and self-defense will not help us, just as it did not help those great powers. The Almighty alone can protect us and help us.

4) The punishments that the Almighty brings upon us are for our benefit, to atone for our sins and to wake us up to repent. Repentance, prayer and charity can influence the Almighty to lessen the severity or even annul a decree.

5) The Torah says that self-organization or Zionism is one of the most serious sins, and carries a severe penalty. Rising up in exile will not bring salvation for Jews, only misfortune, Heaven forbid.

6) Since the anti-Semites themselves are not the problem, but are only the stick in the hand of the Almighty, we must not address ourselves to the stick, but to the One holding the stick, that is, the Almighty. We must pray to Him and repent.

Q: If it is as you say, there should be a big movement of Jews against Zionism. But instead we see many Jews with a religious appearance, even many rabbis, who support Zionism.

A: There was in fact a great battle of religious Jewry against Zionism before the Second World War. Almost all the rabbis and their followers opposed Zionism. But most of these Jews unfortunately perished in the War. The survivors were lonely, bitter orphans, and they were confused by the glittering mirage of Zionism. Besides this, the long years of war brought fear upon all Jews, and even those who disagreed with Zionism felt that in order to save Jewish lives, it was necessary to support the war against the Palestinians and others.

Q: How many Jews agree with you?

A: Among the Jewish people the concept of political parties never existed. Therefore, faithful Jews today do not belong to any party, of which it would be possible to calculate the number of members. But there are very many faithful Jews in the world who oppose Zionism.

Q: If so, why do so few come out to protest?

A: People are occupied with their business and interests. Once in a long while, however, there are protests attended by thousands or tens of thousands.

Among the Palestinians as well, we seldom see a large protest, because it’s hard to take people away from their affairs. It is especially hard for us because the Zionists intimidate us with insults, causing us financial loss, destroying our businesses. They also have a big influence over the media, and they refuse to let our outcry be heard. We are not as well-organized as they are.

Q: What do you propose as the solution to the Zionist-Palestinian conflict?

A; No one is asking us in any case, so why should we speak? If they would ask us, we would say that the only way is to return to our faith and Torah: give up Zionism, be submissive to the gentile nations as the Torah commands us, give back the land to the Palestinians, and then the entire danger will pass (not as they say, that then there will be danger). The solution is a Palestinian government. The whole problem is only that the Zionists want to rule.

Q: What do you think the end will be?

A: We can’t tell the future; politics can change overnight. There are thick black clouds on the horizon. But we can say what the Torah says: that something that is against the Almighty cannot ultimately succeed. Whatever success there is can only be temporary. Especially when people sin in the Holy Land, the Torah foretells that they will not last long there.
In short: True Jews and Zionism are two diametric opposites. True Jews have no connection with the idea of Zionism: not with their state, and not with their actions.

Q: What is the meaning of your waiting for the messiah? Will the messianic era be similar to the “Israel” of today?

A: No, it is a completely different concept. The Almighty will renew His world. He will change the minds of all people for the better. Everyone will recognize His kingship and the entire world will join together in serving Him willingly; there will be no more fighting or wars. Zionism is the opposite of all of the above.

Q: The world hears about certain Zionist rabbis who express support for terrible cruelty to the Palestinians, claiming that this is the Torah view. What do you have to say about that?

A: That is their own opinion. But there are many other rabbis in the world, and none of them agree with those Zionist rabbis. On the contrary, they are strongly against them, and were shocked by their words. Those who study Torah know that the Torah’s view is against them.

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