Unveiling Truth: Neturei Karta’s Stand Against Zionism at UN Conference

At The Committee Conference with Civil Society Organizations on the Question of Palestine, at the The United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland

A two-day conference unfolded at the headquarters of the United Nations, serving as a pivotal platform for meaningful exchange. Representatives from civil society organizations convened to engage in constructive dialogue and explore pathways towards a just and lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This significant gathering took place against the backdrop of the ongoing genocide in Gaza, reinforcing the urgent need for intervention to address this humanitarian crisis.

During the conference, a delegation of Jewish rabbis from Neturei Karta attended, vehemently asserting that the unfolding atrocities do not align with the principles of Judaism. As members of Neturei Karta, we underscored our opposition to the existence of the State of Israel, viewing it as a departure from authentic Jewish teachings. Instead, we advocate for a return to a pre-state, pre-Zionist era where Jews and Palestinians coexisted in harmony, reflecting our commitment to religious principles of justice, compassion, and unity.

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss and Rabbi Yitschok Deutsch from Neturei Karta International spoke with conviction, denouncing Israeli actions and calling for urgent humanitarian intervention. Their impassioned words resonated deeply.

The conference provided a vital platform for our voices to be heard, highlighting the critical importance of collective action in addressing humanitarian crises and the distinction between Zionism and Judaism

Rabbi Yitschok Deutsch

Rabbi Weiss in English

Rabbi Weiss Arabic Translation


With Ibrahim M. Khraishi Palestinian Ambassador to Switzerland

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